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California Poppies are classified as a hardy annual in colder climates but perform as a perennial in mild areas.
California Poppies are not exclusively 'Californian'. Parts of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Arizona are host to these beauties too!
Eschscholzia californica new.jpg

California Poppy 'Orange'

(Eschscholzia californica)

The iconic California wildflower & the official state flower. Easiest of wildflowers to grow. After the first wave or two of bloom, cut plants back to foliage & water for rebloom.

'Because the flowers close in low light or with darkness, the Spanish Californians called them the "dormidera", the drowsy ones.'

Discover California Wildflowers by MaryRuth Casebeer

Eschscholzia c. Purple Gleam new.jpg

California Poppy 'Purple Gleam'

(Eschscholzia californica)

A unique variety with purple-pink blooms produced spring to summer. Plants grow 12"-18" tall. Needs full sun and little water but additional water will encourage more bloom.

Eschscholzia c. Red Chief new.jpg

California Poppy 'Red Chief

(Eschscholzia californica)

Stunning red to tangerine-red blooms sing out from spring through summer if watered periodically. The plants are compatible w/numerous other wildflowers. Best in full sun & little to moderate water. Cut plants back to foliage after the first or second wave of bloom to encourage more. Re-seeds freely.

Eschscholzia c. Ivory Castle new.jpg

California Poppy 'Ivory Castle'

(Eschscholzia californica)

A color variety that shows up at random within clusters of poppies in the wild. 'Ivory Castle' variety has been isolated and cultivated, producing lovely creamy white petals and pale yellow centers when fully open. A unique color, complimenting many other wildflower selections!  

Eschscholzia caespitosa new.jpg

Tufted Poppy

(Eschscholzia caespitosa)

This poppy is a smaller version of the CA Poppy. Pale orange to primrose-yellow petals in early to mid-spring are held above the foliage. Plants grow to 10"-12" tall and wide. Beautiful grown with Baby Blue Eyes and Five Spot. Best in full sun and moderately rich soil. 

Native to western North America from Oregon to Baja. In California, it's found in the Central Coast ranges, the Sierra foothills, and the Transverse Range.

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