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Cast A Bit Of Joy!

As we gather, share some love. 

Love of beauty, nature, and each other.

Seed Balls Make Lovely Gifts!

Wildflower Gift, Green Gift, Unique Garden Gift, Habitat Support

Wildflower Gift Boxes For The Gardener

Assorted wildflower packages have been selected with colorful palettes and compatible cultural requirements in mind. The boxes are sweetly trimmed, making them a unique gift for the gardeners on your list. Three packages of seed balls in a box.

A Lil' Something Fun 

Individual wildflower seed ball packages give way to smiles! Flower color choices aside - cater to an individual's interest in birds, bees, and butterflies is part of what seed balls are about.    

Garden Gift, wildflower seed balls, California Poppy Seed

Native Wildflower Seed Balls are Perfect for All Levels of Gardeners


> Seed balls are an age-old method of cultivation, providing a mini-ecosystem for the seed.

> No digging or soil work required.

> Scatter on top of bare soil & walk away.

> Native seed responds well to this method of cultivation - no fuss and bother.

> Seed balls have been around for a very long time for the simple reason they work.

Chinese Houses, Collinsia heterophylla


> The native seed is "woken up" by cold temperatures and precipitation.

> Clay can pull and hold moisture, which aids in areas with sporadic rainfall.

> Annuals will flower in their first year if cast out in late fall to early spring.

> Perennials will flower in their second year, sometimes the third year, depending on the variety.

Phacelia tanacetifolia, Tansy Leaf Phacelia


> Growing natives can be tricky. We want to help encourage people to successfully grow native plants by making it as easy as possible.

Expanding the corridors of wild places with native plants support wildlife.

> The more native plants we grow, the more habitat wildlife can rely on.

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