Wild Jules

Native Wildflower Seed Balls

What's a Seed Ball?

Seed balls have been around for a very long time. They are an ingenious way to distribute wildflower seed. Individual varieties of seed are proportionately mixed with red clay and compost to provide a self contained method of spreading native varieties. The ball protects the seed from birds. The seed cannot blow away. The best part is, you can cast these 'jules' (jewels) out on top of the soil any time of year. Germination is triggered by temperature and moisture. The viable seed within the clay balls will wait patiently until their individual requirements are present. In the Western U.S, timing of germination is usually mid-fall to early spring - temps are down and precipitation is up.


Seed balls are used in habitat restoration as well as any area where unpredictable rainfall, thin or compacted soils and rough terrain inhibit more conventional methods of cultivation.

They are a simple and beautiful way to re-establish native wildflowers to most any environment.