Wild Jules

Native Wildflower Seed Balls

Restoration of Burn Areas

Seed balls are an incredible tool to re-establish vegetation quickly. Due to the capillary ability of clay, the balls will 'hunker' into any surface they sit on once moisture is introduced. Loose seed will blow or wash away when cast on surfaces left after a fire.

Annual wildflowers will feed foraging wildlife this year. Seed produced will ensure more wildflowers in the years to come. 

Perennial  wildflowers will begin establishment this year, blooming the following year for continuous wildlife support thereafter.  

~ For restorative purposes, we want to stress cultivation of natives to your specific area

Annual or perennials? A bit of both is a good balance  ~

Grasses are Imperative Why grass you ask? Many foraging insects and birds rely on grass vegetation and seed the plant produce, not to mention grasses aid in erosion control. Invasive species are far more aggressive than our natives. By the recommendation from the NRCS and USDA for restoration projects, specific varieties of grasses have been incorporated into seed balls for this purpose. Again, please only introduce plants native to your area. We believe in getting natives re-established quickly.    


                               Thank you for being part of the solution!